Dillon Huang has lived in Calgary Alberta, Canada for over 30 years and with being born and raised in China, he's had the opportunity to be educated in both Western and Eastern cultures. In his works, he believes in integrating the two to create a fusion of the two influences. He says that the East taught him his techniques, and the West enhanced his creativity. The artist is inspired by simplified beauty that usually comes unnoticed and ignored. He aims to capture the ambiance of each sight by radiating positive ideas and images in his paintings. Rooted in impressionism, the artist uses traditional mediums of oil and canvas or ink and rice paper to depict his feelings and thoughts. He wants this audience to share his understanding of innate beauty.

The artist has been strongly drawn to the Canadian Rockies from his first sight of them on his airplane ride over from China in 1982. His inspirations have since shifted to European landscape, as he felt that it was important to understand where the masters of impressionism found their love for art. He now feels that it’s time to reacquaint himself with the Canadian Rockies. To do this, Dillon has pledged the devotion of 10+ years to paint a collection that will be monumental to his career as an artist. 

Our Story

From left to right: Jennings, Sharon, Dillon and Lis

As a family that’s inspired by the beauty of art, we look forward to sharing our love and experiences of that here with you.

The Talent: Dillon Huang

Dillon is a late blooming artist as he only realized his passion in his late 20s. Although he’s trained in both Eastern and Western forms, most of his skills were self-taught through the past 35 years. His curiosity for a broader color palette, advanced techniques and personal style has him constantly exploring new heights as an artist. Even during his toughest times in Canada, as a new immigrant, he was still persistent in keeping his ambitions alive. In the late 80s, as an owner of a little Chinese grocer, you’d often find him in the back storage room with a canvas to the wall and him painting away. He never gave up and it’s perseverance that got him here. He shares his passion with all the people around him and we always find him awe inspiring.

The Muse: Sharon Huang

Falling in love with her art teacher was the best decision in her life. Sharon met Dillon while studying art in one of his classes in Guangzhou, China. An artist herself, she has since supported Dillon in all his endeavors and her positive attitude and continuous encouragement is what brought this studio to light. Her compassion as a wife and mother helped nurture the talents in her family and she is the heart of the whole operation. Her warm smile and vibrant laughter is addictive and because of this she will always be Dillon’s muse.

The Brains: Jennings Huang

Civil engineer by profession, Jennings is definitely the brains of the family. The website, photography, gallery showings and much more happen because he brings the operations to life. He keeps everyone on their toes by asking the hard questions and promises to deliver each decision that’s made. His modern creativity and sharp ideas keeps Dillon relevant on the current market and he’s always available to answer questions, assist in translations and help with physical labour. Jennings follows in the footsteps of Dillon in being a proud father and family man.

The Spirit: Lis Huang

Lis is constantly lost in wanderlust. Being abroad for most of the last decade, she finds her passion in art through exploring galleries and exhibits around the world. She’s seen the original works of masters like Edgar Degas, Paul Klee and Ai Weiwei. Each new adventure leads Lis to discover more about art and she finds herself falling in love with pieces from artist such as Tracey Emin and Joseph Cornell. She brings in the balance; reminding Dillon that art is ever transforming and the old with the new is what makes art so interesting.